The Flying Chefs in Turin: culinary art and show

“Put your stove available for a few hours and we will transform your dining room in the most exclusive restaurant of the city”: that’s the bold presentation of the Flying Chefs, specialized in on site food preparation for all your culinary needs and the occasion. The inventors behind this successful concept in 2006 are Davide Barbato and Roberta Cavallo,  to which Patrizia Capuzzi joined in 2008. They combine talents and creativity culinary minds to create a series of high-profile gourmet recipes,  at affordable prices, providing not only a tasting and flavouring experience, but also relax after enjoying a great meal at home! The Christmas  dinner 2011 and the “Cenone 2012” (the big New Year’s meal) confirmed the success of this formula. Their creative dishes range from the Italian regional specialities of Sicily, Lazio,Tuscany, Umbria and Piedmont to those of India, Turkey, Maghreb and China, not without  catering and cocktails as well as the typical Piedmontese “merenda sinoira” (afternoon snack). These talents go beyond kitchen, pots and pans, completing their programme with shows, music, theatre and happenings such as dinner shows, variety-appetizers and the “KitchenPerformances”, or culinary poetry festivals.


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