From Modica, Europe’s first PGI chocolate

The first European PGI chocolate will be Italian: Modica Chocolate, an excellent product of Sicily, has been included by right in the list of EU-certified products while awaiting final acknowledgement and, therefore, official protection. This chocolate, processed cold without passing to the industrial phase, a technique learnt by the inhabitants of Modica directly from the Spaniards, is gritty and granular and of non-uniform brown colour with an aroma reminiscent of roasted cocoa beans with slightly astringent notes. It is traditionally flavoured with cinnamon or vanilla and often with red chili, coffee, citrus fruits, and pistachio.  Only its shape has remained unchanged, made for hundreds of years in the same metal mould. Modica chocolate can be enjoyed as is or dissolved in water as a drink.

The Consortium for the Protection of Modica Chocolate was set up in 2003 and now groups together some twenty producers in the town. Each year, Modica, in the Province of Ragusa (55 thousand inhabitants), celebrates its main product and the beauties of town with the “Chocobarocco” event: five days, between October and November, of exhibitions, conferences, tasting ceremonies, sensory itineraries and workshops set against a backdrop of picturesque alleys, steep stairs and narrow streets amongst ancient shops, majestic buildings and churches of the famed Sicilian Baroque of the Val di Noto.

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