The taste of Torino by BITEG seen through the eyes of Italian Instagramers at Artissima 19

The culture, flavours and colours of Turin embodied in the snapshots of the Italian community of Instagram, taken during the second Italian Instameet at the 2012 Social Media Week. Turin, viewed and enjoyed on foot, under the porticoes, in front of the shop windows, amongst its buildings, Royal Squares, tree-lined avenues, Baroque and Liberty architectures, to indulge in chocolate-based specialities in artisan shops, cake-shops and historic cafes, to discover its lively markets and appreciate its refined food & wine traditions.

A collective view of the city reflected in the snaps of Instagramers from all over Italy and Europe that, using new digital languages, make it possible to share images and reflections of Turin immediately and spontaneously, overstepping geographical and cultural bounds. A selection of images by Instagramers Torino – the community of mobile photo lovers of Torino and Piedmont  – where the city experiences new dimensions and becomes an emotional and lively mosaic, tasty, through the use and editing of real time reality in mobile technology.

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