Merenda Reale ®

every week-end, Turin and around

Merenda Reale ® is a not -to -be-missed ritual following the “peculiar customs” of 18th century Courts. In this version the hot chocolate, whose cocoa beans were brought from America to Piemonte by the Savoy family,  plays a leading role. Moreover it celebrates the noble art of pastry making in Torino with its “bagnati”(biscuits for dunking) and some chocolate specialties.

The “reverence” for chocolate continues also in 19th century, a period in which cafés flourisched in Torino as a place for meeting, for culture and for politics. There you can drink a Bicerin, the traditional morning  beverage togheter with sweet delights of the noble art of patisserie.Garibaldi and parisien, chifel and democratic, biciolan and pan gindruare just some of the names of the new sweet specialities created in the 1800s for best accompanying the new drink.

This year enjoy a royal experience at home with the new “Merenda Reale a Casa Tua”, the Enotravel box which let you savour the ritual of the “Royal Snack”, a delightful step back into the glorious past of the Savoy Court and the subalpine capital Turin.

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