Not only reasonable, it’s also fully coherent to look at Expo 2015, to its subject ‘Feeding the planet’ and play the Italian food card. Yet, many signs tell us that today culinary art should necessarily be put next to professionalism and specific competencies able to set it off and communicate it.

Aware of this, Gambero Rosso (the leading company in the food and wine sector in Italy) in cooperation with the tourism company Contesti Turistici organizes new professional classes at the Città del Gusto (the Ascom Trader Association ‘City of Taste’) in Turin: beside traditional cooking lessons (haute cuisine and patisserie), in this food and wine temple important subjects such as room management and food & beverage management are seriously taken into account.

Because, as declares Maria Luisa Coppa – Turin Ascom President – ‘to make one’s product known on the market, the producer has to know how to balance the books and to evaluate correctly the professional level of employed staff’. The waiter itself can make difference in the delicate task of carrying plates from kitchen to table, once he can set it off properly to the guest. From this point of view and in the outlined competitive world situation, saving on room staff it’s nonsense: Why should we employ not qualified staff, even not confident about Italian language and culture, when we could educate new professionals ready to enhance the value of food and wine products and to communicate it properly?

One Italian out of five works in the food and wine sector. Today it has become necessary to strengthen those occupations involving  direct touch with guests’, says Paolo Cuccia, Gambero Rosso President. This is made possible by short, concrete, professional classes, which can supplement youth education coming from hotel schools, that – because of lack of funds or tools – cannot guarantee an adequate training to face working reality.

Starting from March 10th, 2014: Food and Beverage Manager class addressed to young graduated, those with interests in catering, food lovers. He/she is a professional dealing with stock and cellar management, costs and revenues check, guests relationships, products and services quality control.

Starting from May 12th, 2014: Food and wine consultant class addressed both to small and medium businessmen (producers, B&Bs, restaurants…) who wish to deepen their knowledge and to young people who wish to fit the market of local product. The course aims to deepen Piedmont’s gastronomy to convert it into a welcome and territory promotion tool.

Città del Gusto di Torino

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