BITEG is a relevant opportunity for Cuneo

Cuneo 2


ATL Cuneo President Mauro Bernardi speaks on BITEG

“There is no doubt that hosting Biteg represents a unique opportunity for Cuneo and the territory.

Last year edition was held in Canale d’Alba but this year Cuneo will be the capital of BITEG: an important showcase for the territory, an opportunity to introduce and enhance Made-in-Italy products worldwide. In addition, this will be a way to test and develop our abilities related to a growing sector as tourism second only to agriculture in Piedmont in terms of drives of economics development with a 7% rise in a year. Furthermore, it follows that Biteg is a trump card for the economic development of tourism in the “Granda area” of Cuneo thanks to the workshop itself and the educational and press tours around Piedmont for 45 International buyers and journalists”.

This is the speech of Mauro Bernardi, President of ATL Cuneo, on the two-day event that will be held from 28th to 29th April 2017 in the heart of the historic center of Cuneo at the enchanting monumental complex of San Francesco.



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