Interview to Maria Elena Rossi, General Manager of DMO Piemonte Marketing

Maria Elena Rossi, DMO Piedmont General Manager stresses positive trends of Piedmont tourism sector. “From 2007 to 2016, incoming flows have been growing by 35,81% and 43,87%” she says. Even though tourism has been growing in the whole territory, this growth has been driven by Torino, the southern hills, lakes and mountains with their summer outdoor activities. The Province of Cuneo is now supporting this trend by developing an high-quality offer of winter and summer outdoor activities and promoting the territory through local products and events. DMO Piedmont Marketing has defined internationalisation and rising tourism GDP as short-medium term objectives for the next 3/5 years. Biteg – The International Food and Wine Tourism Exchange perfectly fits into this development strategy. Word of mouth is the main marketing channel, whose scope is amplified by the power of online communication means. Regional strategy will be implemented through media, opinion leader, tour operators on European and non-European markets. Furthermore, a digital campaign will create a digital and integrated regional system, which will be customised on the basis of specific market segments. Piedmont tourism will keep growing if it will be able to preserve the high quality and innovation level of its touristic value chains and, more importantly, if it will be able to put tourist at the centre of its approach. Higher is the aggregation capacity of tourism actors, greater will be the impact of promotion and commercialisation strategies.


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