BITEG 2009

BITEG- the winning formula for busines in the italian eno-gastronomic sector
Piemonte leading Region in the reassessment of the Italian eno-gastronomic heritage as the door-key to the territory and its related tourism.

A great success for the X edition of BITEG 2009:

  • the whole of Europe present as demand, as well as the United States, Canada and Japan
  • a total of 2.500 encounters for professional contracts during the two days of workshop
  • 2.000.000 Euros the overall estimated value of the contracts negotiated at the BITEG itself
  • 190 the buyers present, selected from the best in both the domestic and the international spheres
  • 13 Regions of Italy represented by 130 sellers highly specialized in quality offers


  • great interest shown by Scandinavian operators – the most numerous buyers at the BITEG – for cultural discovery tours of the territory combined with visits, tastings, information about typical products and direct contact with the producers;
  • the international demand for ‘rural’ tourism in Italy is growing fast;
  • an increasing number of representatives of the world of culture, art and entertainment are buying castles and farms in Piemonte;
  • increasingly frequent on the demand side are combinations between wellness and eno-gastronomy, in the sense of being synonymous with bien vivre “all’italiana”, and sport and eno-gastronomy, to discover the food and wine specialities of our regions on foot or by bicycle between one round of golf and another.
  • there is also an increasing demand for del ”slow travel” in Italy, as opposed to the hit-and-run type still to be found in some areas of international tourism.



  • Colline