BITEG 2010


Canelli, 09 May 2010 – The size and quality of BITEG-Borsa Internazionale del Turismo Enogastronomico (International Enogastronomic Tourism Exchange) continues to grow as its XIth edition (the third time in Piedmont), which opened on May 06th in the host towns of Astigiano, Monferrato and Langhe, registered 4 thousand contacts before it concluded today.

Over 100 national professional specialists in the promotion of enogastronomic tourism packages closed an average of 20 deals each during a day dedicated to 75 national buyers from 12 different regions and 73 international operators from 23 different countries (with noteworthy numbers of participants from Scandinavia and Germany, United Kingdom, France, Benelux, Spain, Austria and Eastern Europe, as well as from overseas – the United States, Canada and Japan, plus a Turkish professional – welcome new addition to the European operators).

The participants expressed great satisfaction with the high quality and selectivity of the supply-side as well as demand-side operators present in addition to the remarkable “practicality” of the event – two days of hardcore business as this event once again confirmed itself to be the most significant Italian event in the market for enogastronomic tourism.

This intense business atmosphere, at the same time, did not lack for recreational events dedicated to appreciating the beauty and excellences that the region of Piedmont, as this year’s mouthpiece for BITEG and the art of Italian living, offers to its visitors .
Beginning with the enticing workshop location itself, the historical Contratto Cellars in Canelli (Astigiano), where participants toured the splendid cellars – the renowned “underground cathedrals” that are candidates for UNESCO Global Heritage of Humanity recognition.

Once again, BITEG’s moment for winning over the palates of two hundred-fifty professionals came during the gala dinner, which was hosted by the Agenzia di Pollenzo Hotel. A small “tasting hall” was set up for the occasion, offering a journey through the enogastronomic excellences of the Piedmont provinces and Slowfood Presidia.

On the eve of the celebration of 150 years of Italian Unity, the Exchange’s main theme was extended to gastronomic suggestions like Barolo, chocolate and Vermouth, which are classically associated with Turin – the Italian kingdom’s first capital.

Business, pleasure and a moment for reflection characterized the “Food and Wine. The tourism of international taste gathers in Piedmont” meeting at the Agriculture Department of Alba, which addressed the future of a market niche that continues to grow during these complicated economic times, reflecting travel motivations that continue to grow in spite of generalized contractions in both national and international tourism.

This is a key to Piedmont’s success with tourism in general, which continued to expand in 2009 to register 11.2% growth. “The interest stimulated by an event like BITEG,” according to Alberto Cirio, Regional Assessor for Tourism,

“together with the tourism statistics reveals the impact that enogastronomic tourism has on the entire sector. This is about much more than beautiful showcasing – this is a tried and true industry that deserves to be run as such. This realization led us to approach the Ministerial Commission (one of BITEG’s guests this year) to voice the need for a national observatory on enogastronomic tourism for the scientific monitoring of its development, proposing Piedmont as its coordinator. Enogastronomy is unique: it has the strength of a product that is not just “made in Italy,” but actually “born in Italy”. And what is born here is impossible to reproduce in the same way anywhere else.”

BITEG was organized by the Tourism Division of the Region of Piedmont, through ‘Sviluppo Piemonte Turismo’, thanks to a collaborative effort by the ATLs of Asti, Alessandria, Alba, Bra, Langhe and Roero and Cuneo.

The 2010 edition launched a new synergy with the Galliano Habitat Museum of Design, which furnished the event with historical works of agricultural design and a variety of objects including the seating itself, the design of which is intimately tied to the enjoyment of the enogastronomic experience itself.

Before departing, professionals and journalists from the Italian and foreign press broke into groups to take part in educational tours organized in collaboration with Piedmont’s 9 ATLs to offer a small “taste” of the excellences and beauty of this region’s entire territory.



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